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Pure Spring Water

from the Alps

Parendise Baby Spring Water

For a healthy and balanced diet that starts as early as babyhood.

Original and pure. Our spring water comes directly from the Austrian Alps and is of outstanding quality and original purity. It is particularly low in sodium and completely free from harmful substances and is therefore perfect for preparing baby milk. It does not need to be boiled extra, but can be used directly from the bottle, gentle heating is sufficient to achieve a pleasant drinking temperature.
  • Pure, natural spring water
  • Low sodium, balanced, low mineral content
  • Ideal for the preparation of baby milk food
  • Usable without decoction
  • Bottled directly from the source in the water reserve in the Styrian Alps in Austria
  • Pure as a thirst quencher
  • Strictly controlled by law
Of course, good for adults too. Pure or for the preparation of tea and coffee.
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